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Sakaegumi has offices in both Tono and Morioka, Iwate.
We plan to open offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Jakarta, Indonesia, soon

Tono Headquarters

〒028-0776 Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kamigo-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1
TEL: 0198-65-3032 FAX: 0198-65-3324

Morioka Sales Office

〒020-0401 Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Teshiromori 14-16-118
TEL: 019-601-2751 FAX: 019-601-2752

How to Find Us

You'll find descriptions below as to the best and most convenient ways to stop by for a visit. For your convenience, we've put our locations in Google Maps and added the link at the bottom of the page. Please scroll all the way down if you just need directions. If you need more thorough recommendations, though, we advise that you read ahead!


By Car:


Tono Headquarters

You'll find us via the Kamaishi-Akita Expressway「Exit 6 for Tono-Sumita」. From there, it's about 5 minutes to our headquarters.
If you can't input our headquarters as your destination, we recommend using "Nat'l Route 283, Akagawa Bridge".

Morioka Sales Office

You'll find us via the Tohoku Expressway「Morioka South IC」. It's roughly 10 minutes from there to our sales office.
Via Nat'l Route 396, you'll find us if you set your destination to "Bank of Iwate Teshiromori".


By Train


Tono Headquarters

Take the JR Kamaishi Line to Tono Station, this would be the most convenient option. A Taxi from Tono Station takes around 15 minutes.
The closest station is Iwate Kamigo.
It's an unmanned station, but you can walk to headquarters in about 15~20 minutes.

Morioka Sales Office

JR Morioka Station would be the most convenient option.
A taxi from there will be around 15~20 minutes.
The closest station is JR Iwate-Iioka Station.
The walk from there takes roughly an hour, so we don't really advise that you come from Iwate-Iioka Station on foot.

Headquarters(Tono-shi, Kamigo-cho)
Morioka Sales Office(Morioka-shi, Teshiromori)