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Applicant information
We're looking for everyone from High-School Graduates to Mid-Career Professionals. If you're looking for a fulfilling career with skill-building and a happy work-life balance, you'll find it here.

     At Sakaegumi, there's something for everyone. No matter your background; High school, Vocational school, Trade school, University, Graduate school, there's a position for you.
     We're constantly striving for the newest and best construction methods, so we have no shortage of positions that need filled. From On-Site Construction and Inspection, Construction Management, and Project Planning to Research and Development, Experimenting and Materials Examination. We even have Overseas Concrete Repair, ICT, BIM/CIM, and UAV/USV Operation positions that anyone is welcome to fill. No matter your passion, your talents, or your background, there's something for you here with us.
     Even if you already have your career and you're looking for a place to step-up your skills, this is the place for you. Our superior support and varied projects will ensure that you have every opportunity at your fingertips to learn, grow, and improve on the skills you bring with you.
     We are eagerly looking forward to hearing from you!

 Please send an inquiry to our General Affairs Department here or send us an application !

At a Glance

Department Type

◆Engineering Department

Members of our Engineering Dept. are involved in design, construction management (on-site process management, safety management, quality assurance, etc.), surveying existing structures, and repair and reinforcement work. They meet with clients and organize construction staff, as well as use the latest surveying, measuring, and diagnostic equipment. They also draw up various documents using CAD software. Essentially, they extend the service life of concrete structures while using various cutting-edge equipment.

◆Construction Department

Performing construction work such as civil engineering, residential construction, and paving, as well as repairing and reinforcing buildings and civil structures, workers use their skills to build and create lasting structures.

As artisans, our staff members work together to perform an array of tasks, from man-powered construction to equipment operation.
We often perform on-site construction by skillfully operating heavy equipment and high-end machines imported from overseas.
We also welcome skilled plumbers and plasterers to apply.

◆Sales/Marketing Department

This department is responsible for meeting with customers who have needs related to civil engineering construction, residential construction, paving, and other construction work, as well as repair and reinforcement work for buildings and civil engineering structures.
Members' responsibilities include technical proposals to clients and general business dealings between companies with whom we do business.
A position in our Sales/Marketing Department allows one to see smiles on the faces of our customers and extend their infrastructure's service lives.


・Driver's License

・Class 1 Civil Engineer
・Class 1 Construction Manager
・Class 1 Plumber/Pipe Layer
・Concrete Damage Diagnostic Experience



Trial/Probationary Period

3 months **Full pay received during and after probationary period**


Iwate Prefecture, though travel across Japan is sometimes required


8:00〜17:30(October-February: 8:00~17:00)

Employment Status


Misc. Allowances

◆Raise: once/year
◆Bonus: twice/year
◆Commuting Allowance
◆Social Insurance
◆Pension Support
◆Qualification Acquisition Support


◆2 days/week(Saturday, Sunday)
◆Summer Holiday, New Year's Holiday, Paid Time Off (10 days/year), Emergency Leave

Application Process

Below, you'll find a step-by-step explanation of our current hiring process. 
This is what you can expect as you submit your application:


 Step 1.Submit Application via the Application Portal (found below)
 Step 2.Preliminary Screen  

  • Candidates who pass the preliminary screen will be notified via phone within 7 days and given information regarding secondary selection. Candidates who do not pass will be notified via email.   

 Step 3.Mail-in Document Submission (Work History, Personal History, Education History, etc.)
 Step 4.Secondary Screen(Document Review, Interview)
 Step 5.Unofficial Offer



Some of our recent hires graduated from:

Graduate Programs at

Iwate University・Akita University


Undergraduate Programs at

Akita University・Tohoku University・University of Japan


High School and Vocational Schools such as

Tono High School・Tono Agricultural High School・Tono Ryokuho High School・Kamaishi Technical High School・Hanaizumi High School

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it possible to visit, maybe even job shadow, before I apply?

A. Of course! We'd be happy to show you around the office, and even bring you along to some of our current projects if you'd like! Just ask here and we'll take care of you.


Q. Is there a possibility that I might be transferred?

A. There is no possibility to be transferred, however we do have projects that take place across Japan, and if those projects fall to you, you may be asked to travel anywhere between Tohoku and Kanto, sometimes even further, to participate!


Q. Are there any required certifications or qualifications?

A. We're always accepting applications, regardless of your skills and abilities! That said, we are on the lookout particularly for Level One and Level Two Civil Engineers.  But we're happy to hear from anyone who thinks that their skills or certifications might be relevant! We'd love to read about them in the application portal!