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/ 代表あいさつ

We will strive to convey the appeal of the construction industry and create a bright future.

     Our company was founded as Sasaki Construction on October 6, 1955, and was established as Sakae Corporation on January 7, 1972. Since the time of our founding, we have been engaged in civil engineering, construction, and paving work as a general construction business in order to contribute to the development of the region.
     Especially in the early 1950's, when the demand for paved roads increased, we were the first local company to operate our own independent asphalt plant, and we invested in our efforts to spread the use of paved roads. In addition, since 2007, we have been working on concrete repair with concrete crack injection technology at its core, and have developed an infrastructure life-extending repair and construction management system that spirals up each step in the repair process, including multilayered investigation and diagnosis, high-quality treatment of deteriorated areas, complex repair and reinforcement, and post-construction property recovery evaluation. In this way, we are working to extend the service life of concrete structures.
     We will work to build a solid relationship of trust with all our stakeholders and become a company that is truly needed and recognized by society.

Representative Director

Yoshihiro Sasaki



/ 会社概要


SAKAEGUMI Corporation


October 6th, 1955 


January7th, 1974


〒028-0776 Iwate-ken, Tono-shi, Kamigo-cho, Itazawa 9-19-1

Phone: 0198-65-3032   Fax : 0198-65-3324

Sales Office       

〒020-0401 Iwate-ken, Morioka-shi, Teshiromori 14-16-118

Phone: 019-601-2751   Fax : 019-601-2752


$460,000 (50,000,000¥)


President/ Rep. Director                       Sasaki Yoshihiro

Board of Directors, Chairman               Sasaki Takahiko

Board of Directors,  Advisor                  Sasaki Yasumi

Executive                                            Yoshida Satoru

Executive                                            Hayashizaki Seigo

Executive                                            Oikawa Masayoshi


44 Total Employees(As of April 1st, 2021)


岩手県知事許可( 特-1) 第1808 号

 土木・建築・ 舗装・塗装・鋼構造物・水道施設・とび土工・コンクリート・管・塗装・防水工事業

岩手県知事許可( 般-1) 第1808 号


Permit Reception            

October 6th, 1955


JQA-QM9187(ISO 9001:2008)

Provided Services           

Construction (Civil, Residential, Paving) Contracting (i.e. General Contracting)

Concrete Structure Corrosion/Damage Diagnostics and Analysis

Repair & Reinforcement Design, Planning, and Construction

Patent leasing

WJ Construction

Repair Equipment Research and Development

UAV Research and Development

Drone School (i.e. Workshops)

Construction Materials (Aggregate, Soil) Examination

Environmental Equipment Sales & Maintenance


Iwate Bank, Tono・North Japan Bank, Tono・Tohoku Bank, Tono

Intellectual Property      

Patents:6・ Design:1・ Pending:6件 (Japan, America, Brazil, Indonesia)


Association of Iwate General Contractors, Tono Contractors Organization, Tono Tourism Association, APIS Research Lab (Exec. Office), Japan Livacon Association, Naoshi Tar Research Organization, Polyurethane Foam Injection Research Association, DFT Joint Research Panel, ※(Public Interest) Society of Civil Engineers, ※(Public Corporation)Japan Concrete Society, ※ Japan Architectural Society, ※Tourism City Creation Society

 ※:Individual Membership

 Technological Registration          

NETIS, Tokyo, Chiba, Iwate, Hyogo, Yokohama


/ 社是・社訓・活動方針


Our Philosophy

Employee Development
Community Contribution
Reliable Management

Our Mission

1. To promote the physical and intellectual well being of all employees, and to contribute to the development of society by cultivating excellent personnel.

2. To pursue technologies and services that satisfy our clients and develop initiatives that contribute to the local community. 

3. To provide good products, secure steady profits, and maintain a stable business.

Guiding Ideals

Quality Assurance
 We provide products and services that give customers a sense of unwavering satisfaction, from sale to after-sales service, so that clients can place their orders with confidence and trust. To this end, we strive to ensure the quality of those products by responding appropriately to customer needs, focusing on priority issues, and thoroughly implementing the PDCA process.

Health and Safety
 We strive to prevent accidents and disasters caused by human error, eliminate accidents and disasters associated with construction work and secure the trust of the construction industry, which is responsible for the development of social infrastructure. We strengthen communication among related parties, and create a safe and comfortable work environment in which people, machines, and equipment safely co-exist.

Environmental Protection
 We promote the development of technologies that contribute to the conservation of the environment and sustainable development. We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, aiming for a low-carbon society, a resource-recycling society, and a society that exists in harmony with nature.


/ 社内体制


/ 有する資格・免許等

Qualifications and Certifications

Doctor of Engineering
Master of Engineering
1st Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer
2nd Class Civil Engineering Construction Management Engineer
Class 2 Construction Machinery n Engineer
Class 1 Construction Management Engineer
Class 1 Construction Management Engineer
Class 1 Pavement Construction Management Engineer
Class 2 Pavement Construction Management Engineer
Class 1 Plumbing Construction Management Engineer
Class 2 Plumbing Construction Management Engineer
Class 1 Construction Equipment Installation Engineer
Class 2 Construction Equipment Installation Engineer
Septic Tank Equipment Engineer
Chief Engineer of Water Supply Equipment Construction
Engineer in charge of Drainage Equipment Construction
Drone Aerial Photography: Master Certified Instructor
Drone Aerial Photography: Certification Level 1
Class 2 Architect
Quarry Manager
Industry Counselor

Titles Held

Repair Work QC Engineer for work of agricultural water utilization facilities
Building Finish Diagnosis Engineer
Continuous Fiber Construction Manager
Concrete Diagnostician
Post-Installation Anchor Technology Manager
Infrastructure Surveyor
Assistant Road Bridge Inspector
Class 2 Biotope Planning Manager
Class 2 biotope construction manager
Adjustable Pressure Injection Technician
Livacon Tech
Handheld Equipment Tech
Industrial Multirotor Operator
Chief Concrete Crusher Operator
Earth Excavation and Retaining Operations Chief
Chief Engineer for Assembly of Formwork Support Works
Chief Engineer for Scaffolding Assembly
Chief Engineer for Steel Frame Assembly
Chief Engineer for Concrete Demolition
Bridge Erection Operation Chief

Special Chemicals and Four-Alkyl Lead Operation Chief
Lead Operation Chief
Organic Solvent Operation Chief
Asbestos Work Chief
Oxygen Depletion Hazard Work Chief
Oxygen Depletion and Hydrogen Sulfide Hazard Work Chief
Small Mobile Crane Operator
Forklift Operator
Shovel Loader Operator
Vehicle-based Construction Equipment Tech
Rough Terrain Carrier Tech
Elevated Work Vehicle Tech
Slinging Tech
Arc and Gas Welder


/ 沿革

October 1955

Sasaki Eikichi founded Sasaki Corporation (October 3)

October 1955

Obtained construction business license (October 6)

January 1974

Established as Sakaegumi Corporation (January 7)

September 1988

Sasaki Yasumi appointed as Representative Director

September 1995

Relocated Head Office

January, 1998

Increased capital to 50,000,000¥

July, 2003

New Business Promotion Team established

November, 2005

Environmental System Department established

December, 2005

Management Innovation Plan approved by the Governor of Iwate Prefecture

May, 2007

Grout Division established

May, 2007

Obtained patent

May, 2008

Registered proprietary design

June, 2008

Patent obtained

December, 2009

Patented concrete repair technology registered in Iwate Prefecture

March 2011

Patented concrete repair technology registered as a new technology in Yokohama City

April 2011

Sasaki Takahiko appointed as Representative Director

April 2011

Registered 2 concrete repair technologies to NETIS

Feb. 2012

Patented concrete repair technology registered in Chiba Prefecture

Mar. 2012

Patented concrete repair technology registered with Tokyo Metropolitan Government

May 2012

Grouting Division reorganized into Concrete Repair Division

May, 2013

Reorganized the Grout Division into the Concrete Repair Division

June, 2014

Obtained patent

September, 2014

Selected as a step-up support business by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

December, 2014

Business Innovation Plan approved by Governor of Iwate Prefecture

August, 2015

Two patented repair technologies registered in Hyogo Prefecture

November, 2015

Began Waterjet Business

May, 2016

Reorganized Concrete Repair Division into Concrete Division

October, 2016

Overseas patent applications filed (USA, Brazil, Indonesia)

May, 2017

Tono Drone School opened

May, 2017

Established the Adjustable Pressure Injection Technology Research Group

June, 2017

Selected as a member of JICA research team for cooperation between Latin American and Japanese communities

September, 2017

Morioka sales office opened

December, 2017

Signed an agreement with Tono City regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to gather information in the event of a disaster

December, 2018

First installation of SAPIS in Brazil

February, 2019

First technical certification review in Indonesia

July, 2019

Business partnership formed with Eames Robotics Inc.

August 2019

Second technical certification review in the Republic of Indonesia.

January 2020

First crack injection work performed on heavily used expressway in Jakarta, Indonesia

February 2020

Management innovation plan approved by the governor of Iwate Prefecture (for the third time)

July 2020

Sasaki Yoshihiro became Representative Director


/ 近年の受賞・表彰・事業採択一覧


February 2006.

Received the Encouragement Award of the Construction Industry New Field Advancement Award

November 2007

Awarded the Encouragement Prize of the Construction Industry New Field Advancement Award 2007.

December 2008

Awarded the 4th Iwate Business Grand Prix Excellence Prize.

December 2008

Awarded the Iwate Prefecture Excellent Construction Award.

February 2009

Awarded the Excellence Prize of the 2008 Construction Industry New Field Advancement Award.

December 2009

Concrete repair technology registered as a new technology in Iwate Prefecture

December 2009

Iwate Prefecture Excellent Construction Award

March 2011

Concrete repair technology registered as a new technology in Yokohama City.

April 2011

Two concrete repair technologies registered with NETIS.

February 2012

Concrete repair technology was registered as a new technology in Chiba Prefecture.

March 2012

One concrete repair technology was registered as a new technology by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

December 2012

Iwate Prefecture Excellent Construction Award.

September 2014

Selected as a step-up support business by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

February 2015

Awarded the Best of the Best Award in the 2014 Construction Industry New Field Advancement, etc.

June 2015

Selected for Iwate Hope Fund project.

August 2015

Two concrete repair technologies were registered as new technologies by Hyogo Prefecture.

November 2015

Selected for manufacturing subsidy

December 2015

Received Iwate Prefecture Excellent Construction Award.

June 2008

Selected for Iwate Hope Fund.

June 2008

Selected for manufacturing subsidy.

February 2017

Received the highest award for the construction industry's advancement into new fields in 2008.

June 2017

Selected as a member of JICA's research team for cooperation with the Latin American Nikkei community

November 2017

Awarded the Invention Encouragement Prize at the Tohoku Regional Commendation for Invention

December 2017

Concluded an agreement with Tono City regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to gather information in the event of a disaster.

December 2017

Selected as a candidate for JICA's "FY2017 2nd Support Project for Overseas Expansion of Small and Medium Enterprises - Basic Research

December 2017

Selected as a "Regional Future Driving Company

February 2008

Selected as a recipient of the Iwate Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Council (Liaison-I) research and development commercialization grant.

February 2008

Awarded the Grand Prize in the Management Innovation Category of the Iwate Business Innovation Awards in 2009.

June 2008

Selected for the 1st Iwate Hope Support Fund Project.

June 2008

Selected for IT subsidy.

June 2019

Selected for IT subsidy.

June 2019

The 3rd Iwate Hope Support Fund Project was selected.

August 2019

Selected for JICA's "FY2019 1st Support Project for Overseas Development of Small and Medium Enterprises - Investigation of Project Formation".

October 2019

Selected for Monozukuri subsidy.

April 2020

Selected for Monozukuri subsidy.

May 2020

Selected for the project to provide companionship support by JETRO's advanced foreign human resources promotion coordinator.

June 2020

Selected for the 5th Iwate Hope Support Fund Project.

July 2020

Selected as a foreign application support project.

August 2020

Selected as a hands-on project to support overseas development by experts of JETRO New Export Power Consortium

August 2020

Selected for Growth Industry Policy and Development Support Project

October 2020

Selected for IT subsidy.

November 2020

Selected as one of the "300 Small and Medium Enterprises 2020" by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

November 2020

Urgent support project for strengthening competitiveness of manufacturing companies.

December 2020

Selected as Tono City Supply Capacity Improvement Promotion Project

May 2021

Selected as a project for companionship-type support by JETRO coordinators for promoting the activities of advanced foreign human resources

June 2021

Selected as a hands-on project to support overseas development by JETRO New Export Power Consortium experts.


/ 一般事業主行動計画

We at Sakaegumi are constantly striving to be the best of the best, not only in our projects but also as a company. We know that being the best place to work allows us to employ the best team in the industry, see the link to find out how we do it!


/ 私たちの職場

Find out what it's like to work here, watch our video!