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Local General Contractor,
Worldwide Concrete Repair Specialist

Infrastructure supports all of our lives.
Our passion is to「Build」and「Repair」this infrastructure.
Our mission is to collect our wisdom and create a variety of tools, ensuring that this infrastructure can be used comfortably and safely for generations.
Sakaegumi is committed to contributing to society by realizing extended lives for infrastructure through creativity and adaptability.

Building Tomorrow with Generations of Skills


Since our founding in 1955, we have contributed to the development of the region through civil engineering, construction, and paving work as a general contractor. We know the importance of passing on technology and skills, so we have been facing our construction work with sincerity, continually passing on our know-how from generation to generation. Another responsibility of a construction company is to protect the community. In the event of disasters, we strive to prevent the spread of damage by responding quickly according to disaster agreements.

We aim to create safe, comfortable, and convenient living spaces using a combination of construction and civil engineering.


Extending the Life of Concrete with Industry-Leading Repair Technology


Extending the service life of infrastructure, the foundation that supports enriched societies and economies, is a major theme that showcases the true value of the construction industry.
We at Sakaegumi have developed a patented crack injection system and we use it to repair various concrete structures throughout Japan. We have also established a management system for maintenance and repair work, and are practicing the "spiral-up process" of multilayered degradation investigation and diagnosis, high-precision treatment via water jet, complex repair and reinforcement work, and repair evaluation that objectively shows recovery.

Construction Works

/ Civil・Residential・Paving

Civil Engineering

Roadway Construction/Roadway Maintenance/Roadway Reinforcement/Roadway Repair/Trail Creation (i.e. Hiking)/Retaining Wall Reinforcement/Retaining Wall Maintenance/Steel Bar Construction/Drainage & Sewage/Demolition/Embankment Related Construction/Landscaping/Greening/Roadside Tree-Planting/Park Installations/Masonry/Pipe-Laying/Water Supply Line-Laying/Bridge Pillar Construction/Bridge Assembly/Bridge Construction


Paving/Pavement Repair/Roadway Maintenance/Paved Path Repair/External Reinforcement/Exterior Construction/ Carports



Civil Construction/Residential Construction/Building Renovation/Extensive Repairs/Refurbishment/Residential Plumbing/Demolition/Painting/Waterproofing



Repair and Reinforcement

/ Infrastructure Maintenance

Civil Structure Repair and Reinforcement

Residential/Architectural Repair and Reinforcement

Asphalt Paving and Road Repair

Crack Repair

Float Repair

Leak Repair

Wet Spraying

Dry Spraying・Seismic Reinforcement

Steel Plate Application

Rebar Installation

Fiber Sheet Application


Water Jet Applications

/ Removal, Stripping, Shaping


Coating/Paint Removal

Material Removal

Repair Equipment R&D

/ Injection Systems・Unmanned Vehicles

Automated Injection System

Reforming Material Application UAV