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We at Sakaegumi handle an array of UAVs and repair materials as an authorized distributor for Eames Robotics, Livacontech, Ecobank, and DTF Corporation. 


Delivering Next-Gen Products in collaboration with Drone Manufacturers


We coordinate with EAMS Robotics Corporation to handle EAMS UAVs and USVs. We also provide traning support to introduce UAV surveying and agricultural chemical spraying. We handle requests for unmanned vehicles and work together with EAMS Robotics to solve social issues via robotics technology.


Extended Concrete Service life with Superior Repair Materials

Repair Materials

There is a very wide range of concrete repair materials. The selection of appropriate repair materials is based on an accurate understanding of the damage and the purpose of the repair. Our repair techniques maximize both of these understandings, drawing out the best performance of the best materials, providing unparalleled repair quality.


Agricultural Chemical UAV

/ Solid and Liquid Chemical Sprayers

as5-2_001.jpg as5-2_002.jpg as5-2_006.jpg as5-2_004.jpg as5-2_003.jpg as5-2_008.jpg as5-2_010.jpg as5-2_011.jpg as5-2_009.jpg as5-2_007.jpg as5-2_012.jpg

Aero Sprayer AS5Ⅱ・AS10

An unmanned agricultural chemical spraying machine made by the best minds at EAMS.
◎ Full-auto navigation and spray control, automatic take-off and landing. Compact and lightweight, it is maneuverable in narrow spaces and flies stably guided by a high-precision laser rangefinder. Accurately recognizes the terrain and maintains a constant distance from crops. It flies in accordance with the rise and fall of the farmland and assists the user in maneuvering.
◎ The canopy shape has been improved by mounting the battery on top for smooth battery replacement. No troublesome tools are required for installation and operation.
◎ There are three types of spraying modes:  Prdinary liquid and granular chemical spraying, a rotating spraying mode appropriate for finely ground pellets, and a local spraying mode which applies remote sensing.

Industrial Surveying・Photography UAV

/ Aerial Photo・Hi-Res Video


◎ Equipped with the latest Pixhawk2 flight controller and Here GNSS antenna, the E-470SU1 is an i-Construction compatible UAV with the highest level of technology in Japan. It is equipped with the latest Pixhawk2 flight controller and Here GNSS antenna, and has an impact-resistant safety design as well as easy handling and maintenance. In addition, the brushless camera gimbal allows for high-precision photography.
◎ Flight plans can be saved to a PC. Safety measures such as Geo Fence and fail-safe functions are also available. Flight logs can be extracted and analyzed.
◎ The industry's first AMIMON CONNEX Industrial equipped drone. The hi-def video wireless transmission unit enables stable video transmission from up to 1,000m without delay. It transmits video on a 5GHz band, so it can be used without worrying about interference from communication devices in the more common 2.4GHz ISM band.

surveye47osui-1.jpg surveye47osui-3.jpg surveye47osui-6.jpg surveye47osui-9.jpg surveye47osui-10.jpg surveye47osui-8.jpg surveye47osui-7.jpg surveye47osui-5.jpg surveye47osui-2.jpg


Liquid Chem Distribution USV

/ Agri-Chem・Water Quality Improvement


zr6-3.jpg zr6-1.jpg zr6-4.jpg zr6-2.jpg

ZR-6(Liquid Type)

Pesticide・Water Quality Improvement Agent Distribution

◎ The ZR-6 is an unmanned vehicle used for rice field control and surface chemical distribution. Can spray 20a in roughly 1 minute.
◎ The gyroscopic controls make for easy operation.
◎ No licenses or special certifications are required to use this product.
◎ Excellent maneuverability. Easy to turn at full throttle. Capable of distributing well to the water's edge.
◎ The FRP body is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. The unique hull shape is designed to resist swaying and the effects of crosswinds.
◎ The entire unit can be washed in water. All onboard modules, including the main power switch, are waterproof and dustproof.

Concrete Repair Material

/ Material Sales・Acquisition


Organic・Inorganic Materials, Sealants

Product name (manufacturer)
High permeability concrete modifier "Rivacon Liquid" (Rivacon Tech Co., Ltd.)
Lithium silicate surface impregnant silane mixture "Concrete Keeper" (DTF Co., Ltd.)
Modified epoxy resin crack injector "Lipoxy" (Showa Denko K.K.)
Rehabilitation Methods (Concrete Maintenance Association of Japan)

serekonn.jpg tech03-flow.jpg tech02-flow.jpg tech01-ph.jpg ribacon-kouhou.png top03.jpg thumb.png mechanism_10b.png mechanism_11b.png mechanism_08.jpg keeper02.jpg 171217civil-netis-konkurikiipa-kt-120118a.jpg 10011885.jpg 10008056.jpg 001.jpg img20210914135442652580.jpg