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Adjustable Pressure Injection Requests

Web-based Request Forms

We ask that everyone now please use this website and the application portal when requesting repair work. You can also use the portal to notify us of the request for, use of, and completion of use of our Adjustable Pressure Injection equipment, as well as for downloading all according forms.


Proposals for Adjustable Pressure Injection

Proposal Materials・Standard Procedures

Clients, consultants, design offices, and anyone can now download the proposal forms, construction system comparison tables, standard procedures, and more for making their technical proposals.


Equipment Rental Procedures

/ 使用届・完了届

Adjustable Pressure Injection System

If you'd like to use our Vacuum Type or Nozzle Type SAPIS, please fill out the form below! 

Proposal Materials・Standards

/ 各種様式

Proposal Materials

Technology Proposal
Construction Method Comparison


Vacuum Type SAPIS Organic Material (Epoxy Resin)
Vacuum Type SAPIS Inorganic Material (Sealants/Cement)
Nozzle Type SAPIS Organic Material (Epoxy Resin)
Nozzle Type SAPIS Inorganic Material (Sealants/Cement)